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What Yo Yo Honey Singh and Salman Khan have in common ?

What Yo Yo Honey Singh and Salman Khan have in common ?

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Yes, one thing is the massive fan following that the two superstars have.

But another thing common between Honey Singh and Salman Khan that very few people know is that they both believe in long lasting friendships.

Like we know of the closest friends of Salman who have stood by him through all that he has been through, there is also Honey Singh whose close friends supported him through thick and thin.

When the superstar was suffering with the bipolarity disorder, a mental illness characterized by periods of depression and periods of elevated mood, his close friend left his flourishing work in Australia and came down to Mumbai for months and months to be with him.

In these tough times, it was not just Honey Singh’s family, but also his close friends, who stood by him like rocks and did not move till they were convinced he was fine.

They took care not just of Honey Singh but also his family. All this is because Honey Singh has maintained these long lasting friendships by being there for them when they needed him.

After all friendship is a two way relation.

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