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Who made Irrfan Khan say yes to dub for Jungle Book?

Whoever has seen the trailer of the Jungle Book’s Hindi dub has admired the adorable portrayal of Irrfan Khan as the cuddly bear, Baloo.
One thing is known that one of the most adorable characters of Jungle Book has always been Baloo and Irrfan was ecstatic to have dubbed for the voice of the character in India. Known for his quirky sense of humour, we hear basis the early bird screenings that everyone is loving Irrfan’s work and his rendition of what Baloo would sound like. But the question is who exactly made Irrfan be convinced to take up the project.
In reality, Irrfan himself is a fan of the epic tale since childhood but it was his younger son Ayan who’s insistence made Irrfan say yes to dub for the movie. When Irrfan was offered the part, he happened to discuss it with his kids and Ayan was most excited at the thought of having his father be a part of a film which is literally a favourite for everyone, regardless their age.

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