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Zoya and Aditya speak the language of silence: Bepanah review

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Zoya and Aditya speak the language of silence: Bepanah review 

Two lives trapped under the thunder of one incident seems to unite but on the other hand drift a way apart. We are talking about serial Bepenah streaming on Colors from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.


Bepenah strikes the TRP chart in top 5 with highly appaulded in middle age group. Youngsters who have just ventured in stage of maturity in marriage can relate to Bepenah plot. The reason is not betrayal by partners but to move on in case of mishapenings. Everyday is not a easy day. Hard times come and go. It’s you who move on and accept the truth.

We love Harshad Chopra character as Aditya as he is not stone hearted to forget his loved ones Pooja betrayal. He is just adjusting to reality and so as we wish the female lead Jennifer Winget Zoya to be.

However the plot of story decided by the makers might be Aditya holding Zoya in tough period and make her realize the fact that her husband Yash cheated on her before his death. Yash and Pooja died with a burdened mystery of their bond.

Instances like the recent episode streamed where Yash locker password was Pooja’s birthday, Pooja and Yash regular customer picture in supermarket and the signed divorce papers which led Zoya to commit suicide.

Zoya is phrased as a pity women who has never been in a single job as she was born with silver spoon. The makers intent to teach audiences a lesson to be a ray of hope by yourself as God help those who help themselves.

We appreciate Zoya taking stand for her and the Yash drowning company for which Pooja borrowed 5 crore from Aditya.

The story will revolve soon Zoya and Aditya marrying and then getting under arrest. The reason might be Zoya sister in law Mahi who Plot game against Zoya to snatch the insurance money.

To know more, audiences have to wait a way long to know the diceness of the plot and who is responsible for whom. And biggest question- were Yash and Pooja ever been in relationship and had extra martial affairs? 

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